Forager Full Version Free Key Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I will be giving away a few free keys for the Forager closed beta on Steam (which will start soon!!)

Enter here:

The giveaway will end in about 2 months! Good luck to everyone!

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of the people who entered to get a free key,  how many will get  one?

I love this game so much I have only had it for 2 days and I've played at least 4 hours

I am even drawing a comic about this game

I enjoyed the demo :) It is so cool!

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hi, where are the save files? i played the demo on my laptop and now i want to play it on my pc. and by the way it is a cool game and good for school :)

What is this made in? Unity?

GameMaker Studio 2!


Sweet! So cool!

I am enjoying the game.  I'm at level 43.   I have all of the implemented perks.   I have 17 areas.

1) Need to be able to destroy/move/remove buildings and bridges

2) Game slows down considerably when you have a lot of fish traps with "Caught!" whether they are on the screen or not.

the demo is very good, so the ended game will be awesome

Love the demo so far I have at least 20 hours on it cant wait till the full releas

Insane game!  The best I wanna  one key!   sz