Full version of Forager on Steam right now!



After almost a full year of development, I am aaaaalmost done with the game! I urge you to watch this cool new trailer we have and come wishlist the game on steam! WE WILL BE RELEASING DURING FALL 2018!

Thanks for all the support! <3


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Where can I download the closed beta forager 

I'm a member 

how I can download forager beta 8


Detalhes meu download ta na versao antiga ):


Hey is there a alpha 7 and i was wondering is it going to be free or how much will it be (i will totally buy it just dont abuse xD)


Can you release a demo for mac? I really want to play this game.

Deleted 5 years ago

Join here: https://discord.gg/THqCqNR

Wow I can't believe it's coming out soon! I found a few things in the demo frustrating when I played it for my YouTube channel but I think I'll have to try again when the full release is out. Well done!

yes dude i was with you from the very beginning! Congrats on the steam release. (also heard that u need someone things resprited, if u got room for another spriter hit me up, i dont require payment).

also is there a discord for this game

Loved the demo from a while back. Can't wait to see the finished product

wery good gameplay add more stuff and keep up the good work 

Look very promising keep up the amazing good!


you sir are getting my money as soon as it is available on steam.  i have been playing the demo as you call it since it was available on here.  even with limited content i always go back to it at least every other day.  

mute button??





You guys are the best! I can't wait for you to play all the new things, I am really excited :D


Gratz on making it man! Can't wait to get it this fall!


Looks amazing! Very excited to get my hands on this :)

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