New Forager Version + Steam Greenlight

Forager has finally been updated!

This new version is much closer to my originally intended vision. I have fixed all those annoying bugs you guys mentioned and tripled the game's content!

Additionally, you can now vote for Forager on Steam Greenlight!

Have at it!


Forager Demo.rar 15 MB
Jun 05, 2017

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Thanks for sharing your new Alpha 6 version, I'm going to see how far I can get. 


I just heard you were on Steam Greenlight so I made another video to let everyone know but unfortunately Greenlight isn't a thing anymore. I still made the video to help promote Forager. I still think its a wonderful game and I really hope you continue to develop it. 

JB, alpha 6 just got released about 4-5 days ago. Don't forget to upload a new demo update for the game. :)

I just uploaded a new video!