Forager Alpha 6

Hey everyone!

Alpha 6 for Forager is out right now! Come check it out!

This version doesn't contain big content updates or new features, just bugfixes.

Most notably, all the annoying inventory issues should be resolved by now. Hopefully anyway!

If you still encounter issues with your inventory please report them on this thread!

We are working HARD on the Steam release and we will have new things to show you all about it soon!


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Nov 07, 2017

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When i click "system," nothing pops up

Veri nice

Veri nice

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Hello,  I have some question
(I'm level 34 and I have 13 island, alpha version 6. )
I never saw something wich I can fight, is it normal ?

When will we be able to unlock more ability ?

And the last question, is it possible to reduce augmentation of the price of an island ?
(now it's becoming ridiculous, between 24'000 to 54'000, come on...)

Another very last question, what to do with seaweed ?

Will the final game be released on as well?

I've been trying to move away from steam if I can

Yes! :)

Hmm reloading my old savegame items now don't enter my inventory at all ^^'
But a new game fixes that


Found a Bug:
after using a waterbottle the last inventoryslot is automatically selected, both when filling it and watering crops

This is Great News - Thanks  :)

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Very nicely done! IMHO, this could be only a "Alpha 5f" or "Alpha 5.1". I tested it and didn't find any problems at all. Good job! You decided to remove the dinamic slot behaviour and make it full! So, here what I tested:

  • [Fixed] Dynamic slot behaviour
  • [Fixed] Double stack item - which sometimes put same item in more than one slot
  • [Fixed] Disappearing items - Which is related to the dynamic slot behaviour

You are correct, perhaps 5.1 or something like that would have been better...

But oh well! I will stick to semantic versioning for the actual Steam release of the game, since that version is surely expected to have more patches/fixes and change more overtime